Agriculture Solar Power

Harvesting the Sun for Generations to Come!

According to the Northwest Dairy Association, the number of American farms that added renewable energy doubled within only five years to total over 133,000. The total of farms with renewable energy systems accounts for about 6.5 percent of all American farms, and that figure has almost tripled since 2012. With improved tech and incentive programs, expect to see that number keep increasing in the next few years.

Here at Morton Solar, we've been helping farms, businesses, and residents in the Midwest harvest clean and renewable electricity from the sun since 2006. Our partnerships with nurseries, farms, and other agricultural businesses have helped them reduce and manage electricity costs while preserving the natural environment that we all rely on.


Take a look at our gallery of agricultural solar power projects at some of your neighbor's farms in Evansville, Indiana, Providence, Kentucky, Crossvile, Illinois, and many more.

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Government studies have shown what agricultural businesses already knew. Power bills consume a large portion of operating expenses. In fact, one study estimated that the agricultural industry in the United States uses as much power as the entire state of Utah. Besides the expense, the unpredictability of future bills makes electricity a tough cost to manage.


Here at Morton Solar, we can help our customers generate their own clean, renewable power. Take a look at some examples of the agricultural solar power projects we have already completed. If we work on a large or small project, from one dairy barn to an industrial farming complex, we have helped reduce energy costs and contributed to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.


Why Modern Agricultural Businesses Choose Us

Morton Solar has provided solar power to Indiana longer than any other company in the state. In addition, Solar Power World Magazine recognized us as the state's #1 commercial installer. Also, The National Renewable Energy Laboratory named us Indiana's top contractor for solar power installations.


We're also associated with:

Amicus Solar Cooperative: Not only does Amicus Solar Cooperative's tough vetting process ensure that we adhere to strict business standards, our admittance also provides us with the nationwide organization's buying power.

B Corporation Certification: B Labs, an international non-profit organization, only certified companies that balance sensible business decisions with choices that benefit employees, communities, and the environment.

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Solar power can reduce or eliminate energy bills. Sometimes, installation owners can even earn credits for energy overproduction. At the same time, a solar power installation obviously requires an investment. However, here at Morton Solar, we even help our customers with funding by providing assistance with writing USDA grants, qualifying for tax credits and deductions, and finding other financing.

As just one example, the REAP Act provides grants to help improve the energy efficiency of agricultural producers and other small rural businesses. These funds can help pay for renewable energy systems and energy-efficient improvements.

At Morton Solar, we help our customers manage overhead, reduce electricity costs, and preserve the natural environment. To begin your stress-free, money-saving, and environment-preserving solar project:

Simply request a free consultation. With this free service, we offer a phone consultation, a detailed plan, and a preliminary estimate.

Once you give your OK for the preliminary estimate, we'll visit your site to finalize arrangements.

When you approve the project, our experienced engineers and technicians will handle everything, including designing the best system for your unique situation and obtaining the required paperwork and permits.

No solar project is too small or too large to get our attention. Get started with free, clean, renewable solar power for your agricultural business by scheduling a free consultation with Morton Solar right away.


We also make getting started with commercial solar power one of the simplest and most stress-free business decisions for our customers. Simply request a free consultation, which includes an on-site visit and detailed quotes. Afterwards, we do all of the hard work of planning the system and coordinating necessary inspections and permits. Finally, we implement the system to ensure it meets and exceeds expectations.

Step One: Sign Up

Speak with one of our solar solution consultants to get a quote and schedule a free site visit, review your proposal, and sign your contract.

Step Two: Design

Our team will engineer a custom solar energy system to match your needs.

Step Three: Install

Morton Solar will coordinate all the necessary inspections and install your solar energy system so you can start saving!



This company does top notch work. The largest installer in Indiana. No project is too small or too large, with great follow up and service!



Absolutely awesome system! With my SRECs and solar savings, some of my fall and spring bills were only $30 a month. That is for nine units in a rental property!

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Great company and great products. Install went very smoothly. Would highly recommend Morton Solar!


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What will my electric bill look like after the installation?

This depends on your budget and preference. Every system produces a different amount of energy, depending upon size and location. We can design a system that will generate enough electricity to power your entire facility, which is called “net-zero.” This means each month your electric bill would only consist of the small fee they charge for their meters.

What is the installation process like? How long will it take?

Each installation is different and requires time and material specific to that project. Once paperwork and engineering are completed, installation is typically the shortest part of the process.

What solar rebates or incentives are currently available for businesses?

There are a number of tax credits and incentives available for businesses switching to solar. For instance, commercial solar is eligible for a 22% tax credit IN 2021 and 21% tax depreciation. To learn more about what is available and what you may qualify for, contact us.

What will my solar array look like? Will it affect the aesthetics of my facility?

Our solar experts are dedicated to designing aesthetically pleasing solar arrays that are set up for optimal production.