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How much does solar cost?

It depends on the size but it's usually less expensive than most people think. The transition to solar is an investment and like any investment, return on investment should be considered. There are big financial incentives that will offset up to 30%-40% of the price. Due to many variables, we make it easy to estimate costs. If you would like a free, no obligation quote, request a free quote

How long will the system or panels last?

Most panels and systems carry a very long warranty usually measured in decades, 25+ years is common.

How much sun exposure do I need?

It depends, the solar panels can be positioned for maximum production. Southern exposure to the sky is optimum but if your roof isn't ideal, solar array can be positioned on the ground if needed.

How does solar affect my roof or house's construction?

Rooftop is the most common installation point. All components are specially engineered to safely and effectively attach to your existing roof system.

How does solar affect my home's value?

As solar becomes more common industry trends point to increased value for homes that utilize solar energy. Surveyed potential home buyers pay premium prices for homes with little or no electric utility bills.

Can anyone buy and have a solar system installed?

Generally yes, as a homeowner you can have a system installed. Be sure to check for local ordinances or HOA for more information. We can provide to help navigate the process.

What will my electricity bill be after the installation?

This depends on the size of the system. We can size a system to provide complete offset to your electric bill or a fractional system to partially offset your electric costs. Keep in mind, solar's payback begins the day the system is activated.

As a homeowner, what is my responsibility for the day to day operation of the solar system?

In most cases, absolutely nothing.

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