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We were interested in solar as a mechanism to support future retirement. After researching 2-3 other solar companies and meeting with each it was very clear Morton Solar was the only choice. Morton brought a level of professionalism the other two companies could not provide. We have a little bit of shade on the south side of the house...


When Brad arrived at our home, he continued the education process on solar energy and advised us on the best location for the panels. We had thought that we would place the panels on the roof, but Brad suggested placing them on our pergola that covers the table on our deck. They were able to place 12 panels there, and now our table area that provides shade...



“Our solar panels went online in mid-October and this is from our latest electric bill. Even with the snow and dreary weather, we spent under $30 for electricity this winter. And the Solar Renewable Energy Credits we have earned should offset that cost easily. Next winter we should have enough credit from the summer to cover all our electric needs. Thanks to Brad and his crew for making it so easy!”

“It’s independent companies with union agreements like this that give me great pride in being an American. Business owners like those of Morton Solar and their tentative employees who drive the turning cogs like a well-oiled engine are what keeps this great nation’s economy thriving. Warm, professional, concise - Morton Solar was an easy transaction from the recommended...

“I was impressed with the installation. The installers worked quietly and efficiently. My panels were generating electricity in three days. Morton Solar took care of everything – permits, interconnection agreement, inspection, agreement to sell SRECs. I’m pleased with the results. I’ve generated more electricity than I’ve consumed.”

Stephen / Newburgh, IN



"An exceptional businessperson is one who combines technical proficiency with a passion for his craft and advocacy for this customers. Brad Morton of Morton Solar is such an exceptional person. Brad's electrical engineering skills and practical field experience have allowed him to become one of Indiana's foremost experts in photovoltaics and renewable energy. What sets Brad apart...

“We have dreamed of having solar energy for years and this year we were able to afford it. We decided to go all the way, and now have enough solar to generate all the electricity we use in a year. We are not totally off-grid, so that will be the next goal. Brad Morton and Morton Solar were recommended by O'Daniel, Inc., who built our energy efficient home. We could not be more pleased...

I would say it was a very good experience. Brad is very knowledgeable, we were very pleased with the quality of the installation. I personally feel good about not adding to the pollution that we have in this area. I drive an electric car too, and I think that everything contributes to making it better. Also, the economy of the panels is such that they do pay for themselves, now it makes economic sense.

Dr. Ted & Anna / Newburgh, IN


Everything has been great so far - our electric bills are going down each month. We're really enjoying that! 


I'm so glad we went with Morton Solar. Great company to work with. Each month I feel really good when we get our electric bill and see how well our solar panels are working for us!


Just had my system installed. They did a fantastic job! Our solar production exceeds our expectations.

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