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Residential Solar Power


Do you want to reduce or eliminate power bills and work with us to preserve the natural environment? Besides saving money and cutting harmful emissions, residential solar power can even increase your home's market value. We can also ensure that your home solar panels complement the appearance of your property. As added incentives, your home solar system might qualify for tax credits and special financing. Here at Morton Solar, we make acquiring home solar power a beautiful and beneficial experience for everybody.

When you work with Morton Solar, you also gain the advantage of an established and purpose-driven partner. Established in 2003, we're not just Indiana's oldest solar company, we were also rated Indiana's #1 Solar Energy Contractor by The National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Our certification as a B-Corporation and membership in Amicus Solar Cooperative also demonstrate that we've proven our commitment to improving the environment and adhering to good business values. We're proud to have gained recognition for our focus on transparency, accountability, and performance.

Take the first step towards energy independence, a cleaner world, and increased property values by contacting us for a free consultation and price quotes today.

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Why Work with Morton Solar for Residential Solar Power?

​The U.S. Department of Energy outlined just some of the benefits of residential solar power:

  • Residential solar is a smart financial decision: Of course, in this age of high heating and cooling bills, saving money tops the list for many people. A net-zero home can balance any bills from the electric company with credits earned on sunny days when the solar system overproduces and can sell energy back to the power company. Also, just like renovating a kitchen or bathroom, market surveys have shown that adding residential solar power will increase a home's market value. After all, what home buyers wouldn't find a self-powered home attractive?

  • Residential solar power helps our communities and the environment: Besides helping our customers make a good financial decision, here at Morton Solar, we're committed to doing our part to help save the planet. Every solar project that we complete helps reduce climate-harming emissions and dangerous pollutants. So far, we've saved people and organizations millions of dollars. At the same time, our work has reduced emissions and pollutants by thousands of tons.

Just one of our achievements includes a #1 ranking for commercial solar installations in Indiana and national rankings by Solar Power World Magazine. We've not only earned recognition as Indiana's leader in solar power by the number and quality of our work, we've also gained attention for our company's attention to purpose.

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Our customers enjoy a straightforward process when they work with us. First, we offer free site visits, consultations, and price quotes. After that, our experienced teams develop plans to implement what we offer. This even includes coordinating all necessary permits and inspections. Finally, we will install your home solar system and ensure it works as promised. Because of our experience and resources, we can make delivering revolutionary improvements a streamlined and stress-free process.


Step One: Sign Up

Speak with one of our solar solution consultants to get a quote and schedule a free site visit, review your proposal, and sign your contract.

Step Two: Design

Our team will engineer a custom solar energy system to match your needs.

Step Three: Install

Morton Solar will coordinate all the necessary inspections and install your solar energy system so you can start saving!



This company does top notch work. The largest installer in Indiana. No project is too small or too large, with great follow up and service!



Absolutely awesome system! With my SRECs and solar savings, some of my fall and spring bills were only $30 a month. That is for nine units in a rental property!

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Great company and great products. Install went very smoothly. Would highly recommend Morton Solar!



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What will my electric bill be after installation?

This depends on your budget and preference. Every system produces a different amount of energy, depending upon size and location. We can design a system that will generate enough electricity to power your entire home, which is called “net-zero.” This means each month your electric bill would only consist of the small fee they charge for the utility company’s meters.

My home doesn't have much roof space. Can I still go solar?

If you lack a sufficient amount of space on your roof, there are other options that enable you to still go solar. With the right location and sun exposure, some solar arrays can be mounted on the ground instead of the roof.

What is the installation process like? How long does it take?

Each installation is different and requires time and material specific to that project. On average, once paperwork and engineering are completed, a solar installation for homes can be completed within a week.

How much do I have to pay right now?

To request a quote is completely FREE. Beyond that, it depends on several factors, such as financing and certain tax incentives or credits you may qualify for. In many cases, there may be little to no money required upfront.

What are my financing options?

To help more homeowners access the ability to switch to solar, we have partnered with Clean Energy Credit Union. This makes solar more accessible and affordable to a broader range of people.

What solar energy rebates or incentives are currently available for homeowners?

There are a number of state and federal incentives when switching your home to solar, like the 22% state tax credit. This along with other benefits make it more affordable than ever for homeowners to switch to solar. To find out which incentives you qualify for, to speak with one of our solar experts.

What will my solar array look like? Will it affect the aesthetics of my home?

Our solar experts are dedicated to designing aesthetically pleasing solar arrays that are set up for optimal production.