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Upcoming Sessions:

September 16th @ 7:00 pm

How does it work?

Solarize Indiana solicits proposals from qualified solar contractors, reviews the proposals, and selects the best provider(s) for an area based on quality of work, product, and cost. They then provide information sessions to potential customers who have the opportunity to request a proposal (RFP) if they want to pursue a solar installation (no obligation to buyer). The RFPs are provided to the selected provider(s) for a quote and possible contract. Solarize Evansville receives no compensation. The solar contractors are able to offer lower prices to Solarize participants based on the increased volume of sales from the info sessions. The resulting contracts are between the customer and the solar contractor only.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke

What does this mean for you?

Through our partnership with Solarize Indiana, potential customers in Evansville and the surrounding area, both residential and commercial, have the opportunity to receive discounted rates for a limited time through the group-purchase program. Together Solarize and Morton Solar will host several events via Zoom for the community to learn more about solar, hear from previous Solarize customers, and have questions answered through an open forum with Brad Morton, our president and head engineer. These sessions are meant to educate the community as well as help you determine whether or not solar is right for you!

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Morton Solar completed 40+ projects for homes and businesses through partnership with Solarize Evansville in 2019 - here are just a few:


Several months ago we read in the Courier about a non-profit initiative. This initiative aimed to make solar power more available and affordable for more homeowners. Well, the “affordable” word caught our attention! So our curiosity was piqued! But for two retirees who have a limited knowledge of this technology, we needed more. So we attended one of the “virtual” meetings of Solarize Evansville. The information presented was clear and complete, down to the finest of details, the importance of insurance, method financing if desired, times of installation, etc. When all our concerns were answered, we met with Alex Schmitt, the Director of Development for Morton Solar, LLC. This company has been selected as the installation company [by Solarize]. Alex gave a a clear picture of the technology, the method of installation, the benefits of a natural source of energy and the advantages of “tax credits”. With the completeness of his presentation and the fact we have been driving hybrid cars for several years, we signed the contract, had the panels installed and now, with the sun’s help, are creating energy, as well as using it!! So when Alex comes “calling”, you might take a listen. He knows the technology, the cost and, get this….he will ANSWER in detail, any questions. We recommend Morton Solar and their team!