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Morton Solar and CAPE

About Morton Solar

The Foundation of Indiana's Solar Industry

Morton Solar, LLC is a full service licensed electrical contractor specializing in energy efficiencies and renewable energy. Since 2006, Morton Solar, LLC (MS) has established itself as the regional leader in the renewable energy contracting industry. We have completed numerous projects for the residential, commercial, municipal, governmental and utility sectors. Our areas of expertise include grid-tied photovoltaic, grid-tied with battery backup, and off-grid solar energy project design and installation. We have the dedication and experience to provide you with a system that performs to your expectations. ​


Our Mission

Morton Solar is dedicated to providing cost-effective renewable energy solutions to our customers. Our goal is to provide the highest performing renewable energy system possible at the best long-term value.

Amicus Solar Cooperative
Certified B Corporation

We're a Values-Driven Solar Company

Using Business as a Force for Good

Amicus Solar helps their member companies build financially strong, resilient, enduring solar companies that provide the highest quality and long-term service to their customers while making a positive impact on their employees, communities, investors, supply partners, and the planet.

We've used our resources to open the door for schools to net-meter in Southern Indiana, to convince Governor Daniels to expand our net-metering law in 2011 by executive order, to work with a massive utility company to get them to streamline their interconnection process and remove unnecessary equipment for solar owners in their territory.

What We Value Most

 core value  n. belief that guides a company's actions, unites its employees, and defines its brand.

At Morton Solar, our core values are of the upmost importance to us, as a team and as individuals. They pertain to our community, workplace environment, and customer relations. It is these core values that have shaped our company from the ground up and motivated us to attain our B Corp Certification.

Our team consists of hard-working individuals instilled with these values, ensuring the integrity of Morton Solar never waivers.

What We Value Most –  Morton Solar & Electric
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Licensed, Bonded & Insured – Morton Solar & Electric
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