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We Serve Southeastern Illinois!

Your Local Illinois Solar Experts

Morton Solar is not just another solar marketing & sales company, we are one of the most experienced vertically integrated solar EPC contractors in the Midwest.  Our founder is a former electrical engineer from Caterpillar who wanted to use technology to help create a clean energy economy and allow homeowners to generate electricity for themselves.  We installed some of the earliest grid-tied solar energy systems in Southern Illinois and our systems are still out there producing today.

Why Morton Solar

A Story Like None Other

In the beginning, Morton Solar had to fight monopoly interests for citizens to be able to be able to access the grid and receive fair compensation for the energy that they generated.  Our battles resulted in lower interconnection costs and higher return on investor for distributed solar generation across the entire state of Indiana. 

Award-Winning Solar Company

Morton Solar has won many awards over the years that exemplify our commitment to excellence and dedication to our customers.  In 2009, Senator Lugar gave Morton Solar an award for fighting to allow commercial customers to net-meter in Indiana.  This award helped bring awareness and gain attention which led to the expansion of Indiana’s net-metering law in 2011 and opened up a whole new market for customer-generated renewable energy that created 3000 jobs in the state.    

Engineering Company At Heart

Our roots in electrical engineering have allowed us to build a long history and reputation for designing and installing some of the highest performing solar energy systems in the nation, yet we’ve done so at competitive prices.  We take great pride in value-engineering each and every project so that every customer gains the highest return on investment with a reliable power plant that just keeps on producing year after year. 

Amicus Solar Cooperative

As a member-owner of the prestigious values-driven solar cooperative consisting of the 70 top solar companies in the nation, we are able to use our power as a group to obtain lower pricing for materials, and then pass on these savings to our customers.  We also share knowledge and collaborate to continuously improve our company and strive to provide the best customer experience.       

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Illinois Shines SRECs

Illinois Shines provides incentives for solar projects through purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from Distributed Generation (DG) or Community Solar projects. RECs are determined by the amount of renewable energy sent to the utility grid being tracked, and a REC is issued when one megawatt-hour (or 1,000 kWh) of electricity is produced. The Illinois Shines program has set incentive amounts for RECs produced by solar projects in the program.

Illinois Shines SRECs

How does a customer get their savings from RECs in Illinois Shines?

  1. Each program year, the Illinois Power Agency (IPA) sets the price for RECs.

  2. Solar installer calculates the estimated RECs that an individual project will produce over a period of time.

  3. With Illinois Shines, Distributed Generation customers agree to transfer ownership of their RECs to their solar vendor, who then receives payment for them from utilities. Solar vendors pass the value of these payments to the customer through discussed forms of payment agreed upon in a contract.

*Solar vendors will disclose the REC values for a project to the customer through the required use of Disclosure Forms.

Are You a Rural Small Business or Farm?


If your small business is in a rural area with a population of under 50,000 residents or less,  it may be eligible for the USDA REAP Grant. To qualify as a farm, at least 50% of your entity's gross income must be coming from farm operations.

If you are interested in learning more about the USDA REAP Grant, please reach out to us for more information so we can help you determine your eligibility.

Residential Solar System

Illinois Residential Incentives

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit

  • Illinois Shines Program - SRECs

  • Net metering is still available with select utilities

Illinois Commercial Incentives

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit (ITC)

  • 10% Energy Community Bonus*

  • 10% Low-Income Community Bonus*

  • MACRS Accelerated Depreciation

  • USDA REAP Grant - Up to 50% for farms and rural small businesses*

  • Illinois Shines SRECs


  • Given the Senator Lugar Energy Patriot Award

  • Built the First Net-Zero School & Library in the US

  • Ranked on the Top Solar Contractors list in the United States since 2014


  • NABCEP PV Certified

  • Certified Tesla Energy Installer

  • 25 Year Microinverter Warranty

  • 25 Year Panel Performance Warranty

  • Comprehensive Workmanship Warranty

  • Licensed Electricians 

  • In-House Engineering Team

Illinois Shines SRECs


  • Illinois DG License: 13-0615


  • Q CELLS Solar Panels Made in the USA

  • Tesla Powerwall & Inverters Made in the USA

UC ICon MS Blue

We now have an office in Southeastern Illinois to better serve our customers!

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