Are you experiencing issues with your Morton Solar-installed solar energy system? Please fill out the Service Request Form below with as much information as possible. We will reach out to you shortly to help get your system back up and running*. 

If Morton Solar did not install your system, we can still help! Complete the form to the best of your ability and someone will be in contact with you shortly. Please be aware that service charges may apply.

*Please note: Based on the age of your system, your service may or may not be covered under your contract's warranty.

Quick Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Have you recently changed your WiFi password?

  • Have you tried turning your inverter and breaker off and then turning it back on?

    1. Turn off your inverter​

    2. Turn off your breaker, wait 5 minutes

    3. Turn your breaker back on

    4. Turn your inverter back on, wait 5 minutes​​

Take a Look at Your Inverter:

  • SMA or Fronius Inverter:

    • Blue (solid) - Communicating Properly​

    • Green (solid) - Up-to-date

    • Green (flashing) - Updating

    • Red (flashing) - Error Code ​​

  • Enphase Inverter:

    • Error code will be displayed in Enphase App​

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