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Morton Solar & Electric was voted in as an Amicus member-owner in 2017, allowing us to collaborate with the 50+ best solar companies in the nation. Amicus is a 100% member-owned cooperative, made up of diverse solar companies across the United States that hold very similar core values, including respect, transparency, and inclusion. As a result, a majority of the Amicus member-owners are Certified B Corps, like us.

Why does our Amicus membership make us different?

  • We purchase better equipment at lower prices, allowing us to provide better pricing to you without cutting any corners

  • Your system’s performance, quality and operational efficiency all improve based on Amicus members sharing best practices and technical knowledge

  • Amicus vets all suppliers, only choosing companies with good track records, so we can assure you that the equipment you’re investing in is the best out there 

  • It allows you to support in-state installers instead of larger, national companies, without sacrificing cost or quality

amicus O&M Cooperative

Amicus Operations & Maintenance Cooperative

The Amicus O&M Cooperative brings together a network of independent solar companies across the U.S. to provide operations and maintenance (O&M) services for geographically distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) portfolios. Our member-companies provide client-facing services and perform onsite preventive and corrective maintenance work, while the cooperative offers a common infrastructure that enables them to deliver improved service for less.

"Our mission is to support values-driven, independently-owned solar energy companies working to create a market solution for climate change."


A&R Solar
Alternative Energy Systems Inc.
Brooklyn Solarworks
Eagle Solar & Light
Green Spark
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