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Farm with Solar Energy System

Solar for Farms and Agriculture

In 2022, the Inflation Reduction Act increased the funding for the USDA Reap Grant up to 50% for eligible entities that are located in Energy Communities. 


Morton Solar & Electric has been successful at designing systems and writing grants that are approved by the USDA Reap Grant program.  This means thousands of dollars of additional savings over and above reduced electricity costs.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more.   

Benefits of Solar for Farms and Agriculture

Solar energy systems for farms or agricultural use can provide great benefits for offsetting the energy consumption required to run their business. At Morton Solar, we have helped many farms from corn to dairy save significantly on their electric bill each month by utilizing solar power.

Farms can apply for the USDA Reap Grant to help pay for their solar energy system. The grant was increased in 2022 to cover up to 50% of a solar project's total design and installation costs. Approval for the grant is not guaranteed.

USDA Reap Grant

Agricultural entities are eligible for the 30% federal tax credit for businesses and can get up to an additional 20% for the tax credit through the Energy Community and Low-Income Community bonuses. The project must reside within an Energy Community and a Low-Income Community zone to qualify for the bonuses.

Seib Enterprises Agriculture Solar Energy System

Seib Enterprises

Evansville, IN

An 11.6 kW solar energy system on the south-facing roof of the barn.

Andy Winiger Farms

Winiger Farms

Mount Vernon, IN 

A 17.4 kW solar array on the south-facing roof of the pole barn.

Doug Garrette

Garrette Farms

Crossville, IL

A 8.64 kW south-facing ground mount solar energy system.

Ready to Get Started?

Fill out a FREE request for quote to find out how much money you can start saving with solar energy!

System Monitoring

Once installed, you can log in and access your system to view real time solar production numbers, ensuring optimum, reliable performance.


Contact us today to learn about a package built specifically for your needs.

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