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Morton Solar & Electric has extensive experience concepting and designing solar energy systems that meet the highest points totals for performance and energy offset.  We have a team of in-house grant writers who understand the USDA program and will make the application process easy for you.  That is a big part of our secret formula for success over the years in winning USDA REAP Grants for our customers. 

The USDA REAP Grants are a great way to significantly offset the upfront costs of a solar energy system especially when combined with up to a 50% federal tax credit for businesses. This can significantly increase a business's return on investment while reducing its payback period for a solar energy system, enabling businesses to take charge of their energy independence.

Contact us today by filling out the form below to find out if you may qualify for the USDA REAP grant and obtain more info on how the process works. Morton Solar has extensive experience helping businesses win USDA REAP Grants for their farm or rural small businesses, just check out the list below of our previous USDA REAP Grant recipients.

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Are You Eligible for the USDA REAP Grant?

Please complete the form below to request a quote. Our team will contact you to collect additional details.  Most small businesses and farmers located in the designed rural areas are eligible for the program. Farming operations' total income must be at least 50% from agriculture/farming to be eligible. Rural small businesses may also qualify but there are geographical restrictions.

Ready to get started?

Fill out a FREE request for quote to find out how much money you can start saving with solar energy!

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Previous USDA REAP Grant Recipients:

  1.  Hasting Farms - Mt. Vernon, Indiana

  2.  Obermeier Hardware - Rockport, Indiana

  3.  Fehrenbacher Cabinets - Evansville, Indiana

  4.  Prime Time Production - Mt. Vernon, Indiana

  5.  Sandy's Pizza - Ft. Branch, Indiana

  6.  Kenny Dewig Meats - Owensville, Indiana

  7.  Schneider Funeral Home - Mt. Vernon, Indiana

  8.  Wininger Farms - Mt. Vernon, Indiana

  9.  Larry's Automotive - Newburgh, Indiana

  10.  Boonville Natural Gas - Boonville, Indiana

  11.  Peoples Bank & Trust - Boonville, Indiana

  12.  Affordable Asphalt - Elberfeld, Indiana

  13. St. Joe Veterinary Hospital - Evansville, IN

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