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Solar Energy Consultant - Full Time

Are you mission driven and passionate about our planet?  Do you desire to have a positive impact on people's lives by helping them become energy independent and saving them money at the same time?  Those are just a couple of things that we do everyday here at Morton Solar & Electric. 


Our selling philosophy is simple: "Make our customers so happy that they become our sales people." And, that is what we have done over and over again for the last 15 years.

Culture?  We are the first Certified B Corporation in Evansville, Indiana and we pursue and strive to build these principles into our organization.  We are also an Amicus Solar Cooperative member/owner and we learn and share knowledge and purchasing power with the best solar companies in the United States.  And, we believe in Employee Ownership and it is our mission to become an employee owned company by 2024.  

What are some of the traits that we are looking for in Solar Energy Consultants?  Honesty, integrity, humility, hunger, and passion.  We do not utilize high-pressure sales tactics, we simply provide the best solar energy solution at the best price to give our customers the highest return on investment possible.  You MUST have excellent communication skills, both written and oral, and some sales experience is preferred, but not mandatory.  

Here are some of the benefits offered by Morton Solar & Electric:

* IBEW-NECA Health Insurance

* 401K retirement plan

* Base Salary plus commission

To be considered, your resume MUST included a detailed cover letter stating why you desire a career in the renewable energy industry.  Please submit by attaching to the link below:  



Thanks for submitting!


If you have electrical experience and have a desire to work in the the solar industry, please send us a cover letter and your resume to You will be incorporated into the IBEW Residential Electrician union and will be eligible for some of the best benefits available including health insurance, retirement, and many others.


You must be physically fit and have electrical experience. This is rooftop solar for residential customers and we have a huge positive impact on people's lives. And, what we are doing reduces carbon dioxide emissions and with each system installed, gives our planet a slightly better chance of survival. This is why we do what we do.


We are also a Certified B Corporation and an Amicus Solar Cooperative member so you can read about the culture that we follow from those groups.

Please do not call our office to ask questions, our phones are very busy.


Please write a cover letter as to why you want to work in the solar industry and send along with your resume to



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