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4 Benefits of Solar Batteries

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Solar batteries are almost a necessity if you go off-grid, but for many homes, solar batteries add greater value to a home solar array, even when tied to the grid. In this blog, we look at the benefits of installing solar batteries as part of your home or business solar power array. Let's get started.

Saving Surplus Energy

Since solar panels only produce energy when the sun is shining, adding solar batteries means that extra energy produced by the solar array is easy to store. With a grid-tied solar array, the excess energy feeds back into the grid. In some cases, your local power company may issue solar credits as a means of paying for the energy added by your array, or they may not. You would use the solar credits to pay for power from the grid when your home uses more energy than the solar array produces or during the evening and nighttime when the array is not producing energy.

A solar battery system captures the extra energy produced by the solar array and stores it for use when your home needs it. Having a solar battery system means your home uses less power from the grid, which is a win for you. In off-grid situations, solar batteries are an essential component of your solar system. Without a battery storage solution, the home's power production would end when the sunset.

More Control Over Your Energy Needs

If the grid goes down and you rely on it for producing energy during the night, then a solar battery backup is an excellent investment. Solar batteries can supply energy to a home or business even when the grid is not functioning. A big takeaway from the Texas Power Disaster was the simple reminder that the power grid is not always available. For many Texans, that spelled disaster. People could not cook, heat their homes, or care for themselves. Some people even lost their lives. For homes with solar, the power was available during the day but faded when night fell. With a solar battery storage system, power continued during the night. A solar battery storage system gives you more options during power emergencies and across your everyday energy needs.

Saves Money on Your Monthly Budget

Adding a solar battery system saves money from your monthly or annual energy bill. The batteries store excess energy produced by the solar array; it is available anytime it is needed. What that means for many homeowners is that energy stored in the solar batteries becomes the energy used to power your home at night or on days when there is low light. That also means that you draw less power from the grid, and therefore, your monthly and annual energy costs drop.

Decreases The Homes Solar Footprint

The more energy that your solar array produces, the greener your come becomes. Therefore, when you pair solar batteries with your home or business solar array, you use most, if not all, of the energy that your solar array produces. Therefore, a battery system helps decrease the amount of energy your home uses from the grid. Because grid-produced electricity includes electricity produced by burning fossil fuels, such as coal, it negatively impacts the environment. Your solar energy is green, and the more of it your home uses, the greener your home becomes and the smaller the carbon footprint for the home becomes.

Another key point the more your solar array supports the power needs for your home or business, the less reliant your home or business is on the grid. Solar batteries increase your self-reliance and decrease the dependency on the utility company.

These four benefits also help to make your solar array more efficient. As a result, you not only can use more of the energy that your array produces, but that process helps to reduce your annual electric energy bills. In addition, your home is making a positive impact on the local and national environment by utilizing more of the green energy its solar array produces. Additionally, you gain more control of the availability of

power, especially during power-grid outages.

These four benefits add up to significant savings, and they are only the tip of the ice burg. If you are considering going solar for your home or business, consider adding solar batteries to that project. Because every property is unique, give us a call. Our experts can help create a solar plan that is unique to your property and energy consumption needs.

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