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Tesla Powerwall 3 Versus a Home Generator

The Tesla Powerwall 3 has been designed and engineered to provide whole-home backup protection for the average home during grid outages. A common comparison of the Tesla Powerwall is a typical home generator which is a tried and true technology for home backup. Let's take a glance at how the Powerall compares to a generator in some key areas.

Tesla Powerwall 3

Electric Bill Savings with the Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall can harvest solar energy and has a customizable usage setting to help lower electric bills. The Powerwall's integrated solar inverter efficiently converts solar energy into stored electricity, allowing the system to capture more solar energy. Utilizing historical electric usage data, 48-hour weather forecasts, and your specific energy rate, the Powerwall can optimize your solar energy storage to increase your savings potential. The Powerwall can use stored solar energy to increase savings by powering your home at night and reducing the amount of electricity consumed by the grid. If you have time-based rates, you can input peak rate times and control the distribution of solar energy from your Powerwall into your home to reduce your electric bill.

Tesla Powerwall App Backup Reserve

Storm Watch & Off-Grid

When the Tesla Powerwall is connected to the internet, you can utilize the Tesla Powerwall's Storm Watch feature which monitors the National Weather Radar for any severe weather events. If the National Weather Radar detects any events that could cause potential grid outages, the Powerwall will automatically switch over to store solar and grid energy in the battery. If the grid does go out, the Tesla Powerwall has a seamless transfer to minimize potential power surges to your home. And if you don't want to risk anything, you can go off-grid with the click of a button in the Tesla app to prevent any potential surges.

Tesla Powerwall App Storm Watch


The Tesla Powerwall requires minimal maintenance after installation compared to generators which require consistent oil changes, fuel, etc. to perform at a high level during outages. The Tesla Powerwall is capable of charging from the homeowner's solar energy system during the day while the solar energy system powers the home. The Powerwall can then use the stored energy at night time when the solar panels are no longer producing to minimize the grid for night-time energy usage. The Tesla Powerwall comes with monitoring software for both the homeowner and installer, providing peace of mind for customers so they are always aware of any issues with their system and can contact their installer for support.

Charging EVs

The Tesla Powerwall contains features built specifically for electrical vehicle owners by allowing the customer to control how much solar energy is used towards charging an EV. This can also be done off-grid. You can schedule your EV to charge at a certain time to align with your solar energy production, minimizing the use of the grid for EV charging.

Tesla Powerwall App EV Charging Off-Grid

Home Monitoring

Easily monitor the movement of electricity in your home through the Tesla App with a 360-degree view of the flow of electricity throughout your home. You can also get a more in-depth view of your energy flow and filter by day, month, year, or lifetime. Easily monitor your yearly impact and reliance on the grid with the Impact page. When the grid goes out, your Powerwall will tell you how much time you have left running off your battery based on your current electric usage.

Tesla Powerwall App Home Monitoring

As a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer, Morton Solar has installed over 100 Tesla Powerwall units and has 17+ years of experience in the solar industry. If you would like to get a free quote for the Tesla Powerwall, please submit a request for quote at

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