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Your commercial roof installation could be eligible for Federal Solar Tax Credits!

A recent ruling by the IRS rules commercial roofing installations are eligible for a 26% Federal Solar Tax credit. 

Learn how optimized solar systems and their economics can make an impact on your mission and bottom line. We work with organizations to reduce operating expenses and design the perfect solar system for each facilities' needs.

Why Should Your Business Switch to Solar?

Businesses everywhere are utilizing the great benefits solar has to offer, including a low-risk opportunity for ROI while setting apart your business by becoming energy independent. Now is the time to take advantage of the federal solar tax credits and incentives being offered to businesses like yours when switching to solar.

Boost Cash Flow

Reliable solar energy can reduce operating expenses, boosting your net operating income.

Lock In Low Energy Costs

Switching to clean solar energy reduces your exposure to rising utility rates by locking in fixed rates, putting you in control of your bottom line.

Green Sells

Energy independence has become a universally appealing business practice, creating new marketing opportunities.



Princeton, IN 

A 1.4 MW grid-tied solar energy system on the east and west-facing roofs of the Vuteq facility.

Orthopedic Associates Commercial Solar Energy System by Morton Solar

Orthopedic Associates

Newburgh, IN

A 534 kW grid-tied solar energy parking canopy and LED lighting retrofit.

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Sandy's Pizza

Sandy's Pizza

Fort Branch, IN

A 92.8 kW solar energy system in a combination of a roof and carport array.

System Monitoring

Once installed, you can log in and access your system to view real time solar production numbers, ensuring optimum, reliable performance.


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