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Old National Bank

Solar for Financial Institutions


Banks, credit unions, and other finance companies thrive when they earn great returns on their investments and their customers' good will. Solar power offers your financial institution a way to improve both your bottom line and reputation. Even beyond the freedom from hard-to-predict power bills, every investment in solar power also helps reduce toxic pollutants and climate-harming emissions. Turning to clean and renewable solar power offers you a clear way to demonstrate your business sense and your commitment to your customers and community.

Rows of solar cells on your car canopies or roof will not only complement your bank buildings, they’ll also advertise that you can combine great business sense with an effort to help improve the environment. Here at Morton Solar, we've demonstrated success in our own mission to run a successful company while adhering to strong values. As just part of that mission, we've saved our customers millions of dollars and reduced greenhouse-gas emissions by thousands of tons.

As an example, we're a certified B Corporation, a distinction only awarded to businesses that can demonstrate both success in business and in improving their society and environment. We're here to share our success and positive brand image with our customers. Get started now by requesting a free consultation to learn how solar power will benefit your banking business.

We offer a wide range of services. Find out what is right for you!


In the past, average banks haven't always managed their energy performance well. According to a scholarly exploration of this topic published on Science Direct, a bank's largest consumption typically comes from heating and cooling, lights, and electronic equipment. Naturally, typical banks can't operate without climate control, lighting, and of course, computers. Financial institutions can rely on solar power and more energy-efficient methods of power consumption to reduce costs and environmental impact.

As an example, we recently installed an 80 kW system on the roof and drive-thru canopies of Peoples Trust and Savings Bank in Boonville, Indiana. This installation will offset 75 percent of the bank's power usage and only utilizes previously unused space. Visit the Morton Solar Facebook page to view this bank's solar installation and learn more about our projects.

The Best Banks Work with Indiana's Leading Solar Power Company 

Old National Bank

As the oldest solar company in Indiana, Morton Solar was recently recognized by Solar Power World Magazine as the #1 commercial installer in the state. We were also recognized as Indiana's top solar contractor by The National Renewable Energy Laboratory,


Besides helping you reduce operating costs, you may also qualify for tax incentives that can help offset installation expenses. And we want to make working with us here at Morton Solar the most stress-free project your bank ever commits to. Simply request a free consultation, which includes an onsite visit, detailed plans, and price quotes. After you commit, our engineers will design the right system for your needs. Finally, our installation includes coordinating all of the required inspections and paperwork.

Step One: Sign Up

Speak with one of our solar solution consultants to get a quote and schedule a free site visit, review your proposal, and sign your contract.

Step Two: Design

Our team will engineer a custom solar energy system to match your needs.

Step Three: Install

Morton Solar will coordinate all the necessary inspections and install your solar energy system so you can start saving!



This company does top notch work. The largest installer in Indiana. No project is too small or too large, with great follow up and service!


Absolutely awesome system! With my SRECs and solar savings, some of my fall and spring bills were only $30 a month. That is for nine units in a rental property!


Great company and great products. Install went very smoothly. Would highly recommend Morton Solar!


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What will my electric bill look like after the installation?

This depends on your budget and preference. Every system produces a different amount of energy, depending upon size and location. We can design a system that will generate enough electricity to power your entire facility, which is called “net-zero.” This means each month your electric bill would only consist of the small fee they charge for their meters.

What is the installation process like? How long will it take?

Each installation is different and requires time and material specific to that project. Once paperwork and engineering are completed, installation is typically the shortest part of the process.

What solar rebates or incentives are currently available for businesses?

There are a number of tax credits and incentives available for businesses switching to solar. For instance, commercial solar is eligible for a 22% tax credit IN 2021 and 21% tax depreciation. To learn more about what is available and what you may qualify for, contact us.

What will my solar array look like? Will it affect the aesthetics of my facility?

Our solar experts are dedicated to designing aesthetically pleasing solar arrays that are set up for optimal production.

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