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#1 Solar Contractor in Indiana

Have you ever wondered how many people are going solar here in Evansville, Indiana? We are proud to show our map of happy customers. For years, Morton Solar documented our projects with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory OpenPV project so that folks in this area could see that solar DOES work here in SW Indiana. We wanted our neighbors, family, and friends here in our area to know that solar is a great investment for them. And, not only were we ranked #1 in this area, but we were ranked #1 in Indiana for number of projects completed by any solar contractor. Unfortunately, the OpenPV project was defunded in 2018, but you can see for yourself how many people have went solar by looking at our map. Oh, and by the way, this map represents several MILLION dollars in energy savings to system owners in our region. And, this map represents thousands of tons of CO2 that was not released into the atmosphere. So, if you question whether solar works here, or is a good investment, please look at this map and you might find a neighbor or colleague on here to go and ask. Or, you can just give us a call.

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