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Updated: Aug 7, 2023

April 13, 2023 – Morton Solar & Electric, LLC, an Evansville based electrical contractor, has recently formed a Board of Advisors to help guide and oversee growth, leadership, and human resource initiatives for the company. Specific initiatives include building and carrying out the core values and culture of the organization. And, carrying out the mission of using our business as a force for good. The board currently consists of three outside advisors and one internal advisor.

Please meet our Board of Advisors…

Eric Williams

Eric is the Director of Security for Old National Bank and formerly served as Vanderburgh County Sheriff from 2006-2014. Eric has volunteered and served on numerous boards and leadership roles over the years. He was instrumental in the design and construction of the new Vanderburgh County Jail and was the first Student Board of Trustee member during the University of Southern Indiana’s becoming an independent university. Eric has been a big brother and mentor to Brad Morton for almost 50 years and will advise in servant leadership development, core values, and using our business as a force for good.

Jack Buttrum

Jack is the former President of Swanson Nunn Electric Company and Knight Electric Company and has been a Score Mentor to Morton Solar for over 10 years. Jack has extensive experience as a business owner and entrepreneur, but also served on many philanthropic and volunteer boards over the years such as the Evansville Wartime Museum, Rotary International, and was Board Member for CAPE. Jack was instrumental in the development and execution of the Oak Hill Cemetery Solar Project for Vectren and City of Evansville partnership. Jack has extensive experience and knowledge of the IBEW and NECA contracting industries, and his company Knight Electric was the electrical contractor for the construction of Alcoa Aluminum Plant in Newburgh, Indiana. And, has helped guide and advise Morton Solar on commercial projects in the area such as Indiana American Water, Vuteq, and AstraZeneca. Jack also helped facility the donation of two solar energy systems last year to CAPE for low-income housing in Evansville.

Jim Daniels

Jim is the former Recycling Coordinator for the Vanderburgh County Solid Waste Management District and has been an advisor to Morton Solar for over 15 years. Jim helped develop and gain funding for some of the earliest agricultural and small business solar energy projects in the region in an effort to help build the solar industry and combat climate change. Jim has also been a business owner and entrepreneur and advises on process development and continuous improvement. He served on the Board of several organizations, including the local, state, and national levels of the Izaak Walton League and held numerous offices. He also was a board member of the Wesselman Nature Society and was its President. He helped form the Patoka Refuge Individuals Defending the Environment, the Southern Indiana Recycling Initiative, and Sustainable Communities Coalition.

Talmon Haywood - (2nd from left)

Talmon serves on the Advisory Board as an inside advisor and as Production and Safety Manager at Morton Solar. He is a member of IBEW Local 16 and has worked for Morton Solar for over 12 years. Talmon served as Foreman on major historical jobs such as the Richardsville Elementary School and the Chrisney Library and has extensive experience in residential rooftop solar installation. Talmon was previously the weatherization manager for CAPE in Evansville, which assists low-income housing with energy bill and weatherization needs.

Morton Solar - Certified B Impact Statement:

Morton Solar was founded in 2003 to offer clean energy to the tri-state region which is located in the heart of the Illinois Coal Basin. We are the first Certified B Corporation in Evansville and our goal is to help the region transition to a more diversified energy economy. Morton Solar has already made a major impact, both environmentally by reducing CO2 emissions, and economically by saving energy costs and creating jobs.

Yearly CO2 Reduction: 10,000,000 pounds

Yearly KWH generated: 15,000 MWH’s

Yearly Savings to customers: $2.0M

Current employment at Morton Solar: 13

Brad D. Morton


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